Beautiful and exciting as it may be, there’s much more to Brazil than the beach at Ipanema. Travelers hunting for the ultimate paradise can travel to Brazil’s famous Costa Verde (Green Coast) region. At the heart of the Green Coast is the colonial port city of Angra dos Reis – the Bay of Kings.

Located south of Rio de Janeiro City, Angra’s vast bay features 365 lush islands—one for every day of the year—with more than 2,000 spectacular beaches. Some islands are private playgrounds for the wealthy, supermodels and media companies, but many are pure testaments to nature. Superb snorkeling, diving, and hiking, water sports, fishing, and cruising can be done throughout the region. Whether you’d rather find ecological treasures in national parks or go clubbing in exclusive bars, there’s something for everyone on Brazil’s Green Coast.

The city of Paraty is a National Historical Patrimony, meaning it preserves its countless natural wonders and architectural heritage. Founded in 1667, Paraty enjoyed great economic importance due to its sugar mills and plantations. As a bustling port, it saw plenty of gold and precious stones find their way back to Portugal over the years. Today, Paraty is well known for its charming old city with artisans, restaurants, music, culture and, of course, outstanding natural beauty.


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