French Polynesia

French Polynesia

The impossibly remote and endlessly alluring French Polynesian islands were one of the last places on Earth to be settled by humans. Today, the year-round trade winds and mild, consistent climate makes French Polynesia a year-round sailing destination.

A South Pacific sailing vacation is no coastal cruise, with many of French Polynesia’s islands spread tens or even hundreds of miles apart. Experienced ocean sailors will relish the opportunity to sail the calm waters of the South Pacific in search of island-hopping adventure, encountering welcoming, traditional island communities, dramatic volcanic scenery and incredible oceanic wildlife along the way.

Our Polynesian base is found at Raiatea, a small island in the centre of French Polynesia. Thousands of miles from the nearest large landmass, Raiatea is surrounded by the countless tiny, remote islands of the South Pacific. Dive the circuit of reef that surrounds Raiatea and neighbouring Taha’a and come face to face with Polynesia’s remarkable marine life. Sheltered from swells but open to the strong trade winds, Raiatea's self-contained lagoon offers truly excellent sailing.


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